Homelessness ‘Heat Map’ from the Council to Homeless Persons

Council to Homeless Persons (CHP) have released a ‘Homelessness Heat Map‘ to illustrate the numbers of people rough sleeping or living in sub-standard conditions in each electorate.

The information is based on data generated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and CHP is promoting this for use in lobbying MP’s through their Homelessness Election Platform

The Platform’s key calls to action include:

  • HOUSING: A boost of 3,000 new social housing properties per year for 10 years, with 1,500 being one & two bedroom homes for singles, couples or small families
  • PREVENTION: Support renters to avoid eviction into homelessness by helping to pay back rental arrears and providing more legal advice and support
  • PEOPLE AT HIGH RISK: Helping people exiting prison and psychiatric units to get into housing to prevent them exiting straight into homelessness
  • ROUGH SLEEPING: Providing dedicated housing stock and intensive support for rough sleepers, like they do in Finland
  • YOUTH: Rent subsidies for young people leaving refuges, raising the age young people exit state care from 18 to 21, programs to help homeless youth stay in education, and more youth refuges.

The Victorian State Election will be held on the 24 November – just over two months away – and Council to Homeless Persons want to see Parties commit to our road map to end the homelessness crisis in Victoria.

Your support in promoting the platform will be essential to ensuring that all candidates pledge to adopt its calls to action.

Jump on the hashtags #EverybodysHome and #VicVotes to join the discussion.

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