‘Gatwick- The Last Chance Hotel’ ABC Documentary Airs Tonight at 9:20

In 2018 Australians were given a glimpse of the Gatwick Private Hotel in St Kilda on popular renovation series The Block. The Gatwick has been described by some as a flophouse, a hellhole even, and by others as providing an essential service for the disadvantaged.
Shot over four years, Gatwick – The Last Chance Hotel chronicles the final years of the hotel, a boarding house that over the years became a local, and then national icon and reveals the intimate stories and the fascinating characters you never knew about and the women who dedicated their lives to looking after them.
Rose Banks and Yvette Kelly offered their tenants much more than a roof over their heads, and Gatwick The Last Chance Hotel is as much a loving tribute to the sisters as it is a contemplation of dignity and the challenges faced by the underprivileged, including the basic need for shelter.
Clouded by various myths perpetuated in the media, this film tells the true story of Rose Banks and Yvette Kelly, twin sisters who worked at the hotel from the age of 14 until they sold the property in 2017. Halfway home to a few; home to many, in this intimate documentary, we observe a rag tag menagerie of characters who either live in; frequent; or volunteered at the Gatwick.

Screening tonight on the ABC at 9:20 pm

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