CafeSmart is Fast Approaching

We are fast approaching our annual CafeSmart event and we need your help.

This year CafeSmart is on the 9th August.

In 2018 we had over 800 cafes participating across Australia, from Hobart to Darwin and Busselton to Byron Bay. We raised $238,720 to support 159 small community organisations like yours. This year we are extending CafeSmart into workplaces.

As you may know we are a very small team of three. So to make this year’s CafeSmart campaign the most successful yet we need your help to connect with local cafes and workplaces, to ask them to get involved and increase our impact in your area.

We have a number of wonderful volunteers hitting the streets already and would love to get more passionate people involved.

A great example of what can be achieved is the team at Veritas House in Orange who last year recruited 8 local cafes raising $2500 for their ‘Setting Up Home’ project. One cafe also pledged to run another fundraiser later in the year for them.

If you are interested here’s how it will work…

  • Email me at and we will send you postcards to drop off at local cafes and businesses, and some details about what they need to know.
  • You / your team drop by some local cafes / businesses and ask them to consider joining up, leaving a card and directing them to our website for more information
  • Cafes / businesses sign up through our website and we do the rest

It’s a great way to connect with local cafes and businesses about the work you are doing in the local area.

If you’d just like to know more please call me on 0488 336419

Read all about CafeSmart here.

Cheers for now,


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