Victorian Women’s Benevolent Trust Small Grants Program is Now Open

The Victorian Women’s Benevolent Trust supports innovative projects that help create an equal future for women and girls in Victoria.

In 2018, VWBT welcomes applications for projects benefiting women and girls, in particular they are seeking applications that strengthen women’s economic security, that is the ability for individuals to live with dignity and cover their essential needs sustainably.

For women in Australia, this covers issues such as the gender pay gap; women’s workforce participation; the superannuation pay gap; the cost and availability of childcare; homelessness; financial capability; and unpaid work and care. We invite applications that address one or more of these issues.

A grant of up to $10,000 may be sought for a one year period and the VWBT is  also interested in applications for smaller grants, especially those that offer grassroots support for women and girls.

Applicants are encouraged to discuss proposals with VWBT prior to submission and detailed information is available on the WVT webpage

Wednesday 24th January 2018 – Applications Open

Monday 5th March 2018 – Applications Close


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