SHIP E-Referral Goes Live July 2

Some timely reminders from Bryony at DHHS-

Key points:

  • Call ahead before you send an ereferral! This is very important for a number of reasons. A key one is you will need to check if the provider is set up to receive ereferrals and knows to check their referral tab. Otherwise ereferrals may go unnoticed.
  • Services will be identified by their current Service Seeker description. Make sure you are configured as best reflects your service including the contact person. Check on Service Seeker website (  and report changes if necessary using the form provided.
  • Only entry points will be able to send ereferrals in Phase 1, however, the following providers, some of which manage a number of entry points, will not be able to send or receive referrals until further notice:
    • the Salvation Army
    • Haven Home Safe (in Loddon-Mallee)
    • Berry Street.

There may also be a short delay in implementation of ereferral for:

    • Launch Housing
    • Vincentcare
    • Housing for the Aged Action Group.

E-referral protocols and guidelines are vital reading, but it’s also important you follow the current referral protocols of your LASN, including management of referrals and prioritisation lists. The exceptions are

  • Only entry points have been configured to send ereferrals in Phase 1.
  • You must call ahead to confirm a vacancy or place on a prioritisation list before sending an ereferral.

What if there are issues?

If –

  • it’s a technical problem, call 1 800 627 191.
  • your provider description/contact needs updating, fill out the Service Seeker form
  • there is another issue contact Grant will keep a log of any issues. Please understand that we cannot address all issues immediately but aim to have the system working smoothly by the end of July.

Please treat the first few weeks of July as a test run (you may be required to fall back on emails and faxes) and good luck!


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