Public Inquiry into Human Services

The Productivity Commission is conducting an inquiry into Human Services as outlined in the statement below, from the terms of reference document.

‘While governments have made progress in introducing competition, contestability and user choice to human services provision, the efficiency and effectiveness of the delivery of services within the sector varies significantly between jurisdictions. Service delivery frameworks in the human services sector that are inefficient and/or ineffective can result in significant costs to the economy and individuals, including poorer outcomes and reduced productivity.

Australia’s human services sector is facing significant challenges, including increasing demand for services due to the ageing population, the effect of technology and cost increases associated with new and more complex service provision demands. Finding innovative ways to improve the efficiency and cost effectiveness of the human services sector, and to target services to those most in need, will help ensure that high quality service provision is affordable for all Australians and leads to improved outcomes for the economy and individuals.’

The Commission has identified Social Housing as one area in need of reform.

For more information go to the Productivity Commission website or directly to the Issues Paper that outlines the scope of the inquiry and features Social Housing in part 4.

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