Practice Guides

Practice Guides

Education Resources

Fact sheets on homelessness funding

Homelessness Sector Acronyms

Good Practice Guides to Housing Focused Support (2015)


Extreme Weather Protocol

 Extreme Weather Brokerage Guidelines (2018)

Payment Request for Extreme Weather Support (2018)

Responding to people who are sleeping rough in extreme weather policy (2017)


Family Violence

Differences between Anger Management and Men’s Behaviour Change programs

Domestic & Family Violence Support Group Listing (2017)

Family Violence Protection Tenancy Kit (2017)

Domestic & Family Violence Referral Options (2018)

10 year Industry Plan: Building from Strength to Strength (2017)


Victorian Eyecare Service 

Victorian Concessions Guide (2017)

Disability & Family Violence Crisis Response (2018)

Pet Accommodation Guidelines
Pet Accommodation Project application form
BAWC’S Pet Boarding Agreement ORGANISATIONS 2018
 Pet Medical Crisis Fund (PMCF)
The PMCF has been created to help pensioners and disadvantaged pet owners who can not afford surgery to keep their family pet alive.

Housing Access

A Place to Call Home Guidelines (2016)

APTCH Factsheet Support Workers

Fact Sheet for Families

Private Rental Assistance Program Guidelines (2017)

Victorian Housing Register Guidelines


Human Rights

Community Organisations and the Charter of Human Rights (2018)

Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities

Homelessness is Human Rights Issue (2008)


Indigenous Australians

Appropriate terminology relating to indigenous people


Opening Doors


Social Issues

Hoarding Resources in the Loddon Mallee


Social Housing Information Platform (SHIP)

Collection Manual (2017)

Training Manual (2012)

SHIP Training & Resources


Reimbursement form for SHS worker training

 DHHS Specialist Homelessness Sector Reimbursement Policy

Relief Staff Verification

DHHS Specialist Homelessness Sector Reimbursement Policy

Reimbursement Claim Form

Relief Staff Verification


The Victorian Green Renter’s Guide

Renting a Home: A guide for tenants

DHHS Office of Housing Allocations Manual-

Pt.1 Introduction

Pt.2 Priority Housing

Pt.3 Offers of Housing

Pt. 4 Signing the Residential Tenancy Agreement