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Dealing with Office of Housing Debt- Justice Connect’s position paper responding to Ombudsman inquiry.

In August 2016 the Victorian Ombudsman began an investigation into the Office of Housing’s management of debts accrued by tenants in their social housing properties. Justice Connect responded by undertaking a survey of people who had debts with OOH and drafted a position paper, ‘Through the Roof: Improving the Office of Housing’s policies and processes for dealing with debt‘  outlining […]

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‘Communities Taking Power’ New report on combatting poverty by VCOSS

The report doesn’t tell communities what to do, it tells them how to do it, highlighting the frameworks and relationships needed for collaborative problem solving. These include: Shared leadership Data sharing in communities A focus on prevention Joint funding of local initiatives. Support for local “economy building” The report also mentions local program based in […]

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Infrastructure Victoria Announces 30 Year Housing Strategy

With the best information that we have been able to obtain, we believe that the provision of approximately 30,000 new dedicated affordable dwellings could be an appropriate infrastructure response to contribute to the current unmet demand for access to housing. However, further investigation and the development of a comprehensive housing plan is required to confirm […]

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