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New AHURI Report Released- ‘Social housing as infrastructure:an investment pathway’

The Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) have just released Social housing as infrastructure:an investment pathway. The report suggests that Victoria needs to increase its social housing stock significantly and provides a detailed examination of the issues related to funding this type of infrastructure.

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What Are Political Parties Doing About Housing & Homelessness?

In the lead up to the Victorian State election, that’s a very good question, so staff at Victorian Council of Social Services are helping to keep us informed with their Policy Tracker . If the government’s response to any social issues will  help to determine how you vote, it’s well worth going to look at.  

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Housing the Other 94% of NDIS Recipients

ProBono Australia have produced an interesting article outlining a presentation made at the recent Community Housing Industry Association (CHIA) conference about the intersection between NDIS and people experiencing homelessness.  It’s well worth a read, along with reading the detailed PowerPoint slideshow by the presenter, Joseph Conellan on the CHIA website.

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