Affordability and liveability in our cities- AHURI one day conference 29th June 2017

Key topics to be covered at the conference include:

  • What are the Federal Government’s cities policies and what is the role of affordable housing within these policies?
  • How is Victoria going to improve social and affordable housing in its cities given it is one of the top three priorities in the new 30 year state-wide Infrastructure strategy?
  • How does affordable housing link to productivity in our cites? Hear the latest AHURI evidence from the soon to be completed Inquiry into housing polices, labour force participation and economic growth.
  • What is a City Deal? An overview of the UK City Deals and in-depth analysis of the new Australian model currently being developed in a number of regional cities.
  • How is affordable housing being developed to support the productivity, liveability and sustainability of our cities?

See the LOMA events calendar for further information and registration details.



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